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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Santa Barbara Sight's First Patient

Sight Surgery International believes that Charity begins at home.  Sandi, a young woman with cancer, currently going through Chemo had a number of vision changes due to the medication.  Fortunately, one of our favorite Volunteer Vision Hero's, Dr. Marc Lowe, came to her rescue.  After her refraction, Ricky at the Santa Barbara Eye Glass Factory took care of her new glasses.  Many Many thanks to Dr. Lowe and the Feldman's at the Santa Barbara Eyeglass Factory.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SSI Meets with Dr. Ron Morton of Kern County SEE International

SSI volunteers, Ray Malcom and Baillie Brown drove to Bakersfield last week to give heartfelt hugs to Kern County SEE President ( totally separate from SEE International, SSI's stepsister), Dr. Ron Morton.  Dr. Morton is recovering from a stroke and we all wish him well.

Discussions with him sparked Ray to call  Mr.Carlos Perez in Mexico.  Carlos is the "Organizer without Peer" of Dr. Morton's surgical expeditions to Mexico.  Baillie and Ray look forward to assisting Dr. Morton in a collaborative  surgical adventure in Mexico.


Sight Surgery International extends a warm and heartfelt welcome to volunteer executive  assistant Sandi Acosta.  Sandi is just coming out of 18 weeks of chemo so her generous donation is especially touching.

Sandi is an experienced Office Manager, Executive Assistant and Accounting Manager.  She comes with administrative skills that Baillie (Director of Programs) and Stephanie (CFO and Secretary) urgently need. (at least Baillie does).  SSI has a number of grant proposals that need to be sent out and Sandi has agreed to help.  3 Cheers for Sandi!


SSI  enthusiastically welcomes Ray Malcom as a valued volunteer.  Ray has a wealth of experience after a decade as Director of Operations at SEE International.  Ray's contacts within the Ophthalmic Pharmeceutical and Surgical Supply Houses are legendary.

Ray also volunteered to organize and implement SSI's Santa Barbara Sight Program.  This program provides free vision care services to disadvantaged patients in Santa Barbara County.

We are all looking forward to working with Ray again!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Our Cataractathon has been a great success so far, we've examined dozens of people and performed numerous operations and we still have another week to go. This short film is just a sample of what we are doing all day long for two weeks. Time really seems to fly when you're doing something so important for people. What most people don't understand is that so much of the world's blindness is preventable and curable now. Central America's political unrest continues as does the blindness rates for now. We're passing on our techniques and machinery but the real continuing cost is basic supplies for the patients. We volunteer our service while counting on donations from private citizens. Sight Surgery International
is a charitable organization that organizes and implements sight-restoring surgery clinics throughout the developing world, serving populations where blindness from cataracts is a scourge.

Current estimates are that cataracts blind over 25,000,000 people worldwide.If those people had access to a simple operation, their eyesight could be easily restored.

Cataract surgery is a safe, predictable, and life transforming procedure performed in less than 30 minutes under local anesthetic.The sheer magnitude of the need for blindness remediation, coupled with such a simple and inexpensive solution, has catalyzed the SSI team to refine a truly responsive solution.